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    YG电子‘Very well, Mr. Felix. I want to ask just one other question. Where did you stay in Paris?’


    ‘Is that an old machine? Pardon my questions, but have you had it long?’
    ‘I will do so, Mr. Clifford. I will keep nothing back. And first, before we go on to the details, one point must be settled.’ He raised his hand. ‘I swear to you, in the presence of Almighty God, in whom I believe, that I am innocent of this crime.’ He sat down and then continued: ‘I don’t ask you if you believe me; I am willing to leave that till afterwards, but I want now, at the commencement of our intercourse, to put that fact as it were on record. I absolutely and categorically deny all knowledge of this hateful and ghastly crime. Now let us get on.’
    The signature was the same, and, after thanking the manager, they took their departure.


    1.‘Yes, I consider it most necessary.’
    2.‘Morning,’ said Burnley, ‘have you a dray for hire?’
    3.‘It does not seem to me very conclusive. The cask admittedly came from Paris, but might not Paris have been only the last stage of a longer journey? How, for example, do we know that it was not from London, or Brussels, or Berlin, in the first instance, and rebooked at Paris with the object of laying a false scent? With regard to the letter, I understand you did not see the envelope. Therefore it does not seem to be evidence. As for the French paper, Felix had been frequently in France, and he might be responsible for that. The label, again, was a re-addressed old one. Might it not therefore have been taken off some quite different package and put on the cask?’
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